High Desert School for Ministry

A Joint Ministry of the Dioceses of Idaho and Eastern Oregon

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Welcome to HDSM: High Desert School for Ministry

Welcome to High Desert School for Ministry. There are several courses available here for you to explore and enjoy. These courses are presented here for your continued spiritual formation and continuing education.

The Rt. Rev. Jos Tharakan | Bishop of Idaho
The Rt. Rev. Patric Bell | Bishop of Eastern Oregon

High Desert School for Ministry

High Desert School for Ministry is an initiative of the Diocese of Idaho and Eastern Oregon, to provide formation for those who are seeking ordination and other ministries in the Episcopal Church in the dioceses of Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

There are two types of training provided here.

Clergy Training Through In-Person Practicum

The coaching method is used to form clergy in the local context with theoretical studies online and practicum through the church community you are part of under the guidance of a Regional Canon Missionar. To be enrolled in this process you will need to complete the process of discernment in the local parishes under the guidance of your clergy / senior warden along with the Commission on Ministry. To learn more about how to respond to your call in ordained ministry click here.

Lay Ministry Training Through Online Courses and Hands-on-Training

These courses found here are Baptismal Ministry opportunities for all who are interested in serving the Lord in and through local communities. Here are the five steps to complete to be certified in these ministries in the diocese of Idaho.

  1. Visit your local clergy leader and express your interest in serving in this role.
  2. Once approved by your clergy, enroll in the course for ministry here.
  3. Complete the course in the prescribed amount of time (Usually 30 days after enrollment if a course is of less than two hours of video training.)
  4. Print the certificate and present it to your local clergy/leader for endorsement
  5. Send the endorsed certificate to the Bishop's office for licensing.

The licensed ministry courses or renewal studies are meant for independent study at your convenience. These courses can be taken by any member of the church. Here are the steps to figure out if you are called.

  1. Pray and ask the Lord to give you direction.
  2. Share it with your clergy/spiritual leader/spiritual director or mentor.
  3. Continue to seek God's will in all that you do.
  4. See the many different ways God points you in the direction of your call.

You can access your courses on your phone, tablet, or computer. Download the teachable app from the app store or google play store.

Wishing you all the best and blessings

Your brother in Christ
Bishop Jos Tharakan